1. Toni Goz

    Glad to see you’re back in Barcelona. Now, go north (or south) and experience MORE of Spain!!!

    Toni G.

  2. Toni G: We’re happy to be back in BCN too, but you’re right, we really need to see more of Spain. We do have a short list of other Spanish cities (some that you’ve recommended) that we’ll be visiting soon, I promise!

  3. Anne

    Hi guys,
    We are hoping to head to Lostine to camp today…we are waiting on the shipping company…our bags are packed…we’re ready to go…although your Dad is feverishly painting the back bathroom…we have painted all the bedrooms, the living/dining room and grandma’s bathroom…the bathroom in the utility was fine…until I, in all my infinite wisdom, peeled a small peel of paint…which led to another and another…someone must have painted latex over oil cause it came off in sheets…and unfortunately made another job for Dad.

    Anyhow, things are coming together here. All the stuff you brought will fit fine in the shipment to Hawaii.

    Hoping you are enjoying Barcelona.

    We will be out of email/phone contact for the next week. We will check in when we get back.


  4. just reading about your adventures is crazy :) i can’t imagine actually experiencing them!