1. momma steph

    you two are just too fabulous! glad you’re back safe and sound.

    love you, mom

  2. Marvs

    You guys are great, wish i could also afford that year long honeymoon..that is sweet..am just a newbies trying to learn about web designs and development, suddendly i bump in to your site..its cute!..Anyway take care..enjoy your vacation..God bless you.

  3. Ingrid Angel

    I stumbled upon your site through thebestdesigns.com as I was fishing for inspiration and today I seem to have won more than that:). So I had to take a stop and say that you both are a living moving beautiful sculpture of how what life is all about..Congrats on the way you live and how you can share it. I don’t know you but have lived more through your eyes today..You’ve inspired me.

    Ingrid Angel
    Miami Beach, FL

  4. Pádraig

    I stumbled upon your website while browsing CSSMania, and I have to say; I love it! Superb design!

    Thats all I had to say really. Enjoy your honeymoon! =)

    P.S. Can you tell me what font you used in the navigation is called?

  5. Pádraig: the hand-written looking font is called HandScript.

  6. Hi,

    Congrats to both of you for this site becoming Dreamhost Site of the Month.

    Hope you are having a great time on your vacation.

    Happiness Always!


  7. WOW!! I admire what y’all are doing so much! You must be having a blast. I think I’ll have to try and copy y’all when I get married! I just finished up a six month around the world tour myself, but was unable to do all I would have wanted to due to not working during that time. Your plan seems much better! I love the site and hope ya’ll continue to have an amazing time exploring Europe as husband and wife!

  8. I found you through Dreamhost Site of the Month. What a wonderful adventure you’re on and what a great idea for a honeymoon. I enjoyed seeing photos of places I’ve been myself – brings back a lot of memories. Enjoy the rest of your year :)

  9. Marisa

    You look like you are having such a great time!! I am so happy for you! How wonderful that your first year as husband and wife is filled with so much exploration and excitement together! I love you both & look forward to more fun pics & videos…

  10. Hi Justin,

    Im trying to source a good photo album solution for wordpress but cant seem to find one anyway – what do you use to power yours? I know theres the lightbox you have created but you can only upload one image at a time with that?

    many thanks,


  11. Me Too!

    I found your site on the bottom of a DreamHost page – what an inspiration both you and they are for the right way to live!

    Keep up the good work,


  12. would you be willing to share the code that pulls in the info from weather.com?

  13. Will: I use Picasa to organize photos on my computer. We’re using Photoshop to generate the images for all the photo galleries on the site. Once Photoshop generates the images, I upload them to a folder on our server, and I have a script that generates the necessary gallery HTML code to insert into a blog post. Does that answer your question?

    hubs: soon, I’ll release a PHP weather class in the ‘Labs’ section of justinbarkhuff.com.

  14. I really love the design of your site!! This is definitely one of the best looking sites built in WordPress that I’ve come across. Great work!

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  16. Adam

    Hello. Great site. Any chance that this theme will be released for use?

  17. Adam, I will release a WordPress theme that looks similar to this site.

    Unfortunately, because of my current work and travel schedule, it will probably be a few months before that happens.

  18. _LP

    ^Been waiting for that! Anyway, vids are quite very clear, I’m wondering what’s the ‘bitrate’ of those vids?

  19. prasanga

    You guys are real adventures, I think you are more adventures than Indiana Jones. thanks for sharing.

  20. Shaun

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say great site. Any ETA on a publicly available theme yet?


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  22. KC

    Googled “Barkhuff” as I am building an extensive genealogy from Frederick and Mary and wondered if you are related. My grandmother’s name was Barkhuff. We have a few relatives that went to CA mid 1900’s. Would be interested to know about you, if you choose.
    KC Wilson

  23. KC Wilson

    Still wondering about the genealogy connection…can you email me with the name Barkhuff side name of mother and father? If this is too personal just tell me that. Thanks–I like the new photos.

  24. Paula Barkhuff Flathers

    I do believe we are related. Kaycie Wilson has gotten a hold of me and I have gotten some of my branch done and connected or told her of other family members to contact to get more filled in. My grandpa George Phelde did a Barkhuff geneology in 1952.