1. Dan

    No moonwalking!

  2. Kennedy

    Okay, we won’t go to this museum…..loved the animal imitations. I was truely touched. (sniff)


  3. deeron

    best video ever

  4. aaron "diddy"keit

    That was the best movie ever… besides Highlander. I’m sorry you guys seem so bored. If you were back in the states you’d have Paris Hilton to keep you entertained.

  5. tracy

    your mom is talking to me now – and this was too cute. I will be an avid groupie from now on – can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Yoshi

    Really, I like this movie!
    Nice caption

  7. Sally


  8. so who wants to travel germany? xD :D :|

    but the video is “geil”! :P