1. jen c

    muppets from space…genius thing to watch on your bday.

  2. nee.cole

    awww!!! it was so good seeing you and hearing the gebber laugh :) i swear we’ll webcam soon :) i miss you soooooo much!!! *mew!*

  3. Andrew

    Great Video! I also had a question, I was wondering what type of video camera you were using? It has great quality. Please let me know! :) my email is hondaex3005@yahoo.com

  4. Andrew,

    For video, we’re using the Panasonic PV-GS500. We love it. If we lost or broke it, we would buy the same camera again.

    Most of the reviews we read online said the same thing.

    All the photos on the site were shot with our Sony Cybershot DSC-W70.