1. Vicki Corbett

    Thanks for sharing with me how the other side lives. I’m turning more green by the minute!

  2. allie pilmer

    If it’s one thing you learned in life…rental shoes, only for bowling. Gemma needs to post spa happenings for me to feel girlie pampered by proxy. The library geek in me wants to know if they just “GIVE” you the books…do you ever have to return them in paradise? ORRR, do they READ them to the she-she people so as not to disturb your pupils on vacation.

    Aloha from SF.

  3. “I don’t think you can really understand it until you experience it”…do you know something that I don’t know…should I be buying a lottery ticket or something!? he-he-he :) I’m glad you guys are having fun. What I really want to know is if they provide you with “wii-motes” :)

  4. Umm…..I’m checking Travelocity right now…..

  5. gemma

    i haven’t taken part in any spa treatments, but the locker room had plenty of freebies to make me feel girlie and pampered…

    of course there were the basics – indoor & outdoor showers, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, vanities, ‘hang out room’ with flat screen tv, outdoor lounge chairs, etc. and like justin already mentioned, they provide gym clothes, shoes, socks, robes, slippers, and towels. but my favorite part was all the products – they had everything you could ever want, and most things were either aveda or epicuren: shampoos, conditioners, body washes, body scrubs, face wash, face scrubs, lotions, sunscreens, tons of hair products (detangler, mousse, gel, hairspray, etc.), hair brushes, blow dryers, curling irons, razors… they thought of everything.

    it was great. :)

  6. nee.cole

    *tries to contain herself*…TONS of hair products…curling irons…*passes out*

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