1. Emily

    If you had to choose between a long weekend in Porto and one in Lisbon, which would you choose? Rationale.

    Travel planning….

    Really enjoy your site.

  2. Emily: It depends on what you are looking for, but I definitely recommend Porto.

    Porto is beautiful, old, small, and slow, which makes it great for wandering, eating, drinking, and relaxing. It was one of the most beautiful cities we visited, and one of a handful that we would visit again. It’s small enough that you can see the whole city in a long weekend and still have time to relax.

    Lisbon is much bigger and will offer more things to do than you’ll be able to fit into a long weekend. If you are interested in night-life, this is probably your best bet (specifically the Barrio Alto area).

    We seem to be the only ones who feel this way, but Gemma and I didn’t like Lisbon very much. We’re not big on night-life, and aside from a few good photo opportunities, we didn’t find the city all that interesting.

  3. Emily

    Oops. I had meant to write “Rationale?” As it is, it seems a bit like a command.

    And yet you gave it to me nonetheless…thanks for the quick reply.