1. I used to read your blog long ago, when you and your wife were living abroad and traveling a lot. I somehow found my way back today. Really liked the “Heart of the Builder” article.

    A couple questions about CrashPlan: do you find it slows down your computer much? I have used CrashPlan’s local backup-to-an-external-drive option, but haven’t done the Cloud backup.

    And, second, do you see your CrashPlan as strictly a backup, not cloud storage? Carbonite allows you to access and view/edit/whatever all of your files remotely, which is tempting on the iPhone or iPad, but I am not as happy with their local backup options. Not too sure I want to be running both Carbonite and CrashPlan, so I’m trying to make an educated decision.

  2. Emily: Welcome back! Lately, it does seem CrashPlan has been bogging things down. My co-worker is having a similar experience. It didn’t always do that, so I’m hoping it’s a bug they’ll get worked out.

    For me, CrashPlan is strictly backup. I use Dropbox for any direct-access, cross-device cloud-storage. I don’t have a big need for that type of cross-device read/write access, so Dropbox’s free plan gives me all the space I need. It works really well for that, plus it has great native apps for all platforms, and lots of third party apps have built in support for it.

  3. And Emily, weren’t you the one who was moving to Spain? To teach? How did that go?