1. neecoleeoleeoleeoleeolleeoo

    i know of a special place you both could stay if you ever chose to visit teh-hass…tee hee

  2. MLE

    Exciting to hear about Córdoba–I’m moving there this month to teach elementary school! Love the site…have been looking into travel sites/blogs (for obvious reasons). Enjoy it!

  3. Cousin Stephanie

    Hey you two! I thought I’d say Hi since I have been on your website a couple of times now and haven’t left a comment. I’m sooo jelous. I think that this is the most wonderful gift to yourselves. How many people can say that they have their first year of marriage documented the way you have. What an amazing adventure, I just wanted to let you both know that I think it’s the most wonderful thing ever. -Steph

  4. somestranger

    In Austria you don’t wanna miss Vienna and Salzburg of course, but the Danube valley is also good. Most of all, Tyrolia is the best InnsBruck, Kufstein.