1. Have you guys ever been to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle? It’s fun…they also have a butterfly garden! :) There is also a museum in San Francisco called the Exploratorium. We should all go when you guys get back…we can take Kira :)

  2. Looks like you two had a blast!

    btw, I got here from the dreamhost newsletter. They really are great, aren’t they?

    I am bookmarking your site. It’s great to see all the happenings.

    Take care, enjoy!

  3. That was freaking awesome!

  4. #1: Awesome video. a-ha rocks!
    #2: I HAVE to go there someday
    #3: With every post, I get more and more jealous. Hope you guys are having a blast…..what am I saying, of course you are!

  5. Fantastic editing!

  6. law

    i think ur videos are fantastic and educational, can i share the vid on my blog? and how do i do that?

  7. Joe

    I have to agree with Erik above. My jealousy grows with every video i see, except maybe the bad paris apartment video. hha. just kidding.. Seriously though, how cool for you guys to get to travel like you are. What an awesome way to start off your marriage. Looking forward to whats next.

    This museum looked amazing by the way, my mind was blown at least 7 times during the course of that video.