1. Sally

    Poor little kitten he lost his mitten…ooops, I guess poor little commuter bunny he lost his scarf.

  2. The Mr Erik Dean Rose

    So where’s the scarf, dang it!? I was waiting for the big payoff at the end! You know, Justin with a single tear running down his cheek, scarf held up high to the gods…”Why God? Why?”…and a beam of sunlight, streaming through the torn hole…

    Or maybe just a shot of Justin, scarf to his face, one sad eye peering out through the hole…

    Honestly, anything would have worked. I’m feeling letdown…

  3. The Mr Erik Dean Rose: it’s 3:00 AM in Barcelona. I just finished some work. Gemma woke up while I was getting into bed. I read her some of the recent comments posted to the site, including yours. Bad idea.

    You know what I’m doing now? Sleeping? No, I’m posing for pictures with the torn scarf, so that Gemma can include one at the end of the video.

    I imagine we will have posted an updated video within 30 minutes.

    Maybe I should blame myself; I should have known she wouldn’t be able to sleep if she felt like something needed to be changed. Nah, I blame you, The Mr Erik Dean Rose.

    I blame you, and I love my wife.

  4. The Mr Erik Dean Rose: The video has been updated. Enjoy the scarf. We’re going to bed.

  5. The Mr Erik Dean Rose

    I feel something…influence…a sense of power I’ve never felt before. It’s intoxicating. Will I use this power for good, or for evil? One thing is for sure…the world will never be the same…

    Thank you for entertaining my request, I enjoyed it immensely, but I fear for what you have started…

  6. I got VERY scared and apprehensive in the middle of that!

    Are the subway door-closing sounds part of the Philip Glass piece, or did you put them in?

    If, by any chance, you get to Warsaw before mid-September, I’ll give you my sister-in-law’s number. My wife is staying with her, and they would be happy to hear from you (my wife Kasia speaks English).


  7. Geoff: Gemma is a master of suspense! The subway door-closing sound is the actual sound of the subway doors. We’re currently planning the next few months of travel, and I’ll let you know if Warsaw makes the cut.

  8. momma steph

    hey kids, aiden and i just finished watching some of your video’s. he was very intent listening to the music on the paris scarf and i do believe he even had occasional looks of distress. (he really did). his other favorite was the zoo. he was dancing to the tune. we will preview others on another day.

    love you, mom & aiden

  9. anne

    Very cute. I am glad it was only your scarf!

  10. deeron

    It shouldn’t take a subway accident to teach you TO NEVER WEAR SCARFS! Come on Justin! Use your head!

    ;) I love you.

  11. Joe

    this video was masterful. Well done Gemma. I envisioned the event as a passenger standing just inside the door of the train.