1. carole

    I used to live in neport ie 1977-1978 I lived in the highland castle
    “THE CASTLE built by Mr.& Mrs Charles Roper during the winter of 1912 he was a photographer had a studio in the castle. Long story short I have the original Pic of the Castle. Just wanted to know if it is still standing.. I now live in So. Calif.,, wonder what happened to this chapter in our lives. Thanks Carole

  2. Kelly Howard

    That is my Great-Grandpa. I thought they turned it into a musem. I did not know he built it. I love looking at his old photos. I always wondered what it looked like. I have photos from the outside, but nothing inside,unless some that he took were in his “work place”. Very interesting to hear of someone who lived there. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could tell you if it is still standing, but I have never been there. I would like to someday. Kelly

  3. ashley

    i saw the comments about the castle, and yes it is standing i live in the middle floor! its a tad run down these days but still amazing!

  4. Thomas Cochell

    My Grand Parents were photographed in Castle Studios back in 1915 I can send you those 2 photos not sure who all the people are though

  5. DLC

    My Aunt, Laura Chipman, owned and lived in the castle for many years, before my Grandfather Clifford Chipman inherited it and sold it in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Would love to see photos and learn more about its history, if anyone cares to share? Thank you